Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mac mini

I got the 1.42 GHz model with a 80 GB hard drive, and 512 MB RAM. Also added the AirPort wireless card. Got the Apple keyboard and mouse as well. Everything else is stock. Total cost before tax and shipping, $810 USD.

To address the multiple "so *you're* the idiot that buys Apple's overpriced upgrades!" comments I've already gotten to date, I compared RAM prices for the upgrade from Apple and buying the RAM elsewhere. The upgrade was $70 something. The best I could find elsewhere at the time was no more than $10 USD less including shipping. For $10, I'll get my computer ready to go out of the box, thank you very much. :)

512 MB is definitely a requirement if you want to do much with the machine without slowing it to a crawl with paging to disk. (which I assumed from what I've read, and found it to be true) I've typically been running at about 300 MB RAM in use, with 5-7 applications open on average.

I ordered it on February 26, and received it on March 19. That was three days before the original estimated ship date, but three weeks is still quite a while for a system. It shipped from China, but still got here in two business days.

It's a very slick little system. I'm very pleased with it thus far.


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