Saturday, October 01, 2005

Recent Happenings

Couple things keeping me busy lately.

One, the new m0n0wall Documentation Site and all the new documentation contained therein for this open source firewall project. This makes public much of the work I've done over the last several months, and will become the new location for documentation as soon as I get it in a bit better shape. I'm hosting this site on my colocated server at Louisville ISP's data center, rather than on the main site. This makes it easier on Manuel, founder of m0n0wall, and I, since I write most of the documentation and he isn't involved much in it. The documentation for open source firewall project pfSense will begin to be forked off of this site once we decide on a suitable documentation platform.

Second, I've been working with best selling computer book author Dave Taylor as coauthor on a series of e-books. Connect Safely is the name of this project, offering Wireless Security and Privacy Guides. My typical audience isn't really the intended audience for this series, but if you're a frequent wireless network user and aren't extremely familiar with wireless network security concerns, you really should consider this. I can't tell you how many even quite computer literate folks I've seen giving their passwords to the world on a hot spot. As a bonus for more technical readers, I wrote a section on using Ethereal to analyze your network traffic to ensure it is being protected. Stay safe on wireless networks - check it out.


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